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This handbook has been compiled to help you and your student be successful at Cleveland Middle School.


Attendance Line: (505) 881-9227 ext. 43500

Research shows that students with consistent school attendance have improved academic performance.

The Albuquerque Public School system has implemented a new attendance and truancy program, which is linked to our new computerized attendance program. This program is designed to address excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused.

Parents / Guardians should notify the school daily if their child is absent. Students will be marked excused for the following:

  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Religious Commitments
  • Death in the Family
  • Illness
  • Family Emergency
  • Diagnostic Testing

All other absences will be considered unexcused. Please be advised the APS policy states the students are allowed no more than 10 unexcused absences per school year. This includes times when children are pulled out of school for vacations. The student and his/her guardian will be referred to the Children’s Court Liaison, if a student’s attendance rate drops below 90% in a grading period. This includes both excused and unexcused absences.

If your child arrives at school after the tardy bell has rung, they will get their Accountability Card signed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Attendance Clerk. 

You can also pick up a complete copy of the Truancy Policy in the Administration Office.

Complete APS Attendance Policy

Dress Code

The dress code is designed to promote a positive, safe, and healthy learning environment. Students may choose from items within this dress code. As a general rule, clothing that is torn, shredded, excessively tight or revealing, oversized, gang-related, or that contains inappropriate messages or symbols is unacceptable. No styles of hair or clothing that will distract from the educational process are allowed. Hair must not cover the eyes or face and be natural colors.

Please check with a school administrator if you are in doubt about an item not listed here. Students who are out of compliance will have their Colt Card marked and will be allowed to call home for a change of clothes. They will wait in the TIPS room until they are provided with the appropriate clothes. Continued violation of dress code will result in consequences.

Please contact the counseling office if you need assistance with clothing.

  • IDs are to be visible at all times above waist on school lanyard.
  • No bandanas, sweatbands, hairnets, chains or spiked jewelry
  • No facial/tongue/nose jewelry, pins or body piercing, or gauged ears
  • No hats are allowed
  • Hoods may not be worn in building
  • No writing on skin, clothing, or backpacks
  • No exposed tattoos
  • No unnatural colored contacts
  • Undergarments shall not show at any time
  • Belts may not hang down more than 2 inches past the first belt loop, no decorative belts allowed

Pants/Shorts/Skirts (Boys & Girls)

  • Solid Colors
  • Fitted at the waist and crotch
  • No dropped crotch or saggy pants
  • No spandex, leggings, or joggers
  • No wide legs
  • No sweats or jogging pants
  • No overalls or jumpsuits
  • No shorts are shorter than 4" above the top of the knee
  • No slits or wrap skirts
  • No skirts shorter than 4" above the top of the knee
  • No strips, designs, zippers or decorations

Shirt/Outerwear (Boys & Girls)

  • Solid Colors
  • Collared shirt, polo, button down, or T-Shirts (No White T-Shirts)
  • Shirts must be buttoned up
  • CMS logo "T-shirts" and sweatshirts are allowed every day
  • All College or APS High School logos are acceptable any day of the week
  • No graphics or logos unless specified above.
  • Un-tucked shirts cannot hang below the back pocket.
  • No stripes, designs, zippers, or decorated collars or sleeves
  • No sleeveless shirts or tank/camisole tops worn alone
  • All sweatshirts and sweaters must also be of solid colors and be worn over a uniform shirt
  • No trench coats or dusters

PE Uniforms (Boys & Girls)

  • Plain White t-shirts and black shorts OR CMS PE uniform
  • If warm-ups are necessary, they must be plain black and/or white